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The show is made up of work by female artists all at different stages in their careers, ranging from student to senior. Their backgrounds include painting, photography, theatre and graphic design which all contributes to the exhibition’s diversity and dynamic, providing insights into the individual personalities.

“As one of the first women on the scene of belle epoch Paris, Camille Claudel made quite an impression when she arrived at Auguste Rodin’s studio at the the age of 19 to work as his assistant (1884). Rodin was quickly drawn to her – and her evident talent – and before long she was his model, lover, inspiration and artistic equal. What followed was a story of art, passion and self-destruction over a tumultuous ten year relationship that left Claudel mentally scarred.” Arifa Akbar

The exhibition title “Une Femme – One Woman” is by no means a statement of feminist rhetoric, but more about it as a working title. The intension is to present an opportunity for fifteen women, selected at random, aged between fourteen and eighty-six, to consider and reflect on where their artistic heritage lies and as a consequence what it means or has meant to them.

In the light of an historic precedent when doors were closed to opportunities for women, the establishment as well as art critics were reluctant to lay aside tradition and champion female art; this obstacle of challenge, status quo, removed any possibility of the one woman show.
She, the artist, did take ownership of her art and realized its destiny.

Artists exhibiting:

Helen Armstrong
Sarah Lucy Brown
Pippa Dorling
Elizabeth Eidson
Ruth Finn
Abby Grewcock
Nicky Heming
Amy Jamison
Karen Lear
Claire Lyth
Shelly Nott
Anne Paton
Ruth Purchase
Bex Samson
Jenny Tombs